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GCSE Results 2018 – Press Release

The staff and parents of all Year 11 students at Aylesbury Grammar School are proud of the results achieved today in the GCSEs of 2018.

The reformed GCSE qualifications have brought much debate, preparation and application. Well done to all the students for their achievements and to the staff for guiding them to such outstanding results.

71% of entries in reformed GCSEs were graded 9-7.

69.2% of entries were graded 9-7 or A*/A and 98.6% 9-4 or A*-C.

75.1% of students received 5 or more 9-7 or A* and A grades with 33 students receiving 100% 9-7 or A*/A grades.

Exceptional performances from Dylan Holmes-Cowan, Matt Rizzo-Naudi with nine grade 9s and two A* grades. Cam Brooker with nine grade 9s and one A* grade. George Ramsey achieved seven grade 9s with four A* grades, Aman Sidiq seven grade 9s and three A* grades, Jordan Cobley seven grade 9s with two A* grades. Shoheb Hassan and Max Ramsey both achieved seven grade 9s with one A* grade.

Headmaster Mark Sturgeon said:

‘The challenges of the new GCSEs in reformed subjects have created a challenging environment for the students and staff. With little reference material, it is great news to see the students perform so well and achieve so highly.

These outcomes will provide them all with a wonderful foundation for further study and we congratulate them and their families and staff who have supported the students throughout the two years of GCSE study.’

For further information please contact: Vanessa Kennedy (Headmaster’s PA) on 01296 484545 or

GCSE press release 2018

Year 13 celebrate outstanding A Level results

Year 13 students at Aylesbury Grammar School are celebrating an outstanding set of A level examination results with 72.7% of entries being graded B or better, and 49% of the entries achieving an A* or A grade. 19% of entries were graded A* with an overall pass rate of 99.7%.

52 students (27% of the year group) achieved A* or A grades in all their subjects and 68 students achieved at least three A grades.

Exceptional performances from Martin Atkins, Lewis Ball, Dylan Bhopal, Thomas Cay, Max Hutt, Tanmay Mahesh, Lee Saunders and George Wyatt saw them rewarded with four A* grades each. A further 12 students achieved at least three A* grades each.

Headmaster Mark Sturgeon said: ‘The year group as a whole has achieved a great set of results. These are a part of their whole education at Aylesbury Grammar School and provides them with opportunities and choices for the future.

The students have been an excellent group to learn with and all the staff are extremely proud of their achievements.

We wish all of them a bright and rewarding future in whatever they choose to do. It has been a tough end to their School career with much to reflect upon but we would like to say well done to them all.

Once an Aylesburian, always an Aylesburian.’

The dedication of the staff and the care of every family has helped the students secure their places at university or the work place. Our thanks go to all of the Aylesburian community.