Biometric Authorisation

The Department of Education has brought in new legislation regarding the use of biometrics in schools. Previously, it was stated that parents should be made aware of the use of biometrics within our school on an ‘opt-out’ basis. However, from 1st September 2013, the new legislation states that we must have written permission from a parent/carer to allow your child to continue using the biometric facility on the cashless catering system and library system currently being used in the school.

AGS does not accept cash at our dining hall tills. Instead we ask all parents to use the ParentPay system to credit an online account with funds for meal times. Students access their account and pay for items at the till using a biometric recognition system (students press their thumb against a digital reader at the till) which directly debits their account.

The biometric recognition system works by creating an algorithm based on a scan of a thumb print which reads between fifty and one hundred and thirty points on the thumb. This information is stored as a number and subsequently is not a fingerprint in any way, shape or form and is of use only in the cashless system. The data cannot be reconverted into a fingerprint or misused in any way.

In order to continuing using your son’s stored biometric data, if you haven’t already, can you please complete the form below and return to the Finance Office by Friday 19th July 2013. If however, you do not wish your son to use the fingerprint recognition system please also return the form and AGS will respect that wish. The dining room staff will then use your son’s name to search for their account.

Once the form is received your son(s) will be able to continue using their biometric account currently registered on the cashless catering system.

Biometric Authorisation Form