Calling all Medical Professionals – Please Can You Help?

Medical School Interview Practice Session on Wednesday 17th January 4 – 7 pm

Our Medical Society has been extremely well attended by our aspiring medical students since the introduction of the Society last year. We have received great support from our OA community and a sincere thank you to everyone who has returned to the School to give thought provoking and insightful talks about the role of a doctor, vet or the commercial side of medicine. The talks will continue on an ongoing basis.

On January 17th, we are planning an Interview Practice Session for our students who are starting to interview for their university places and we would very much appreciate the support of any parents too. We plan to follow the multiple mini interview structure below.

The session will start at 4 pm and if you can help for the whole or part of the session then please contact Alison Cox by the end of term 15th December. It would also be useful if you would advise of any particular area of expertise within the structure below.

Thank you.