Click Here if You Have a Massive Brain (or Love Curry)

Quick, answer these questions, NOW!

What’s the capital of Peru?

Who won the first football World Cup?

How many husbands did Liz Taylor have?

If you answered Lima, Uruguay and seven* then you need to get a ticket to the AGS Quiz and Curry Night on Saturday March, 3rd.  If you answered something else, then you also need to buy a ticket because I’m very competitive and think I could probably beat you.

Tickets are selling fast so secure yours by filling in the form and handing it in to the school office.


You can pay by Parent Pay or by cheque.  If you’ve already paid, then please hand your form in and if you’ve reserved a ticket but not yet paid then please complete the booking ASAP.

Thanks so much,


* If you’re reading this it’s because you know that Liz Taylor was married eight times and you’re cross because you got the answer wrong.  However, she remarried Richard Burton and so he only counts once.  Deal with it, loser!