On this page you will find all relevant information regarding exams at AGS.

If you require any further information please email Mrs Ainsworth or telephone 01296 480244

Over the holidays Mrs Ainsworth will be in school to answer any queries on:

Mon 14th August                                   9am – 3pm

Wed 16th – Fri 18th August                   9am – 3pm

w/b 21st August                                     9am – 3pm

Tues 29th & Wed 30th August               9am – 1pm


Results will be available from school as follows:

A2                   Thursday 17 August             9am

Year 13 will also be able to access their results on Pupil Portal from 7:30am to allow them, if necessary, to enter ‘Clearing’  from 8am.

AS                   Thursday 17 August            11am

GCSE             Thursday 24 August             10am

What do we do if we can’t collect the results on the day?

We are unable to release results on the phone or by email.

If you are unable to collect results in person you can

  • either hand in an SAE – A5 size – with candidate number in bottom left hand corner – to the school office before results day
  • or ask someone to collect results on your behalf and give them a signed letter of authorisation (with your candidate number listed) to bring in on results day.

Results can also be collected after results day.

  • From 17 August until 25 August they can be collected from the Exams Office.
  • Tuesday 29 – Friday 1 September results will be in the School Office.
  • From 4 September they can be collected from the Exams Office.


What do we do if we’re unhappy about the results?


Y13 who are reliant on the result for a university place can ask for a Priority Remark which should be returned before the university admission deadlines. Otherwise go for an ordinary remark.


If the results are not what you expected you are advised to apply for a Priority Copy of the paper which can then be shown to staff and their advice sought about asking for a remark

It is always advisable to get a copy first as remarks only occasionally result in an improved overall grade and sometimes result in lower marks.


If the results are not what you expected you are advised to apply for a Priority Copy of the paper  – Edexcel, OCR and WJEC only  – which can then be shown to staff and their advice sought about asking for a remark.

For AQA and CIE photocopies can only be requested at the same time as a remark so it is advised that you seek advice from staff about a remark as they will have a breakdown of marks for each unit and can advise appropriately.

If you do decide to query results you will need to complete the relevant form and return it to Mrs Ainsworth IN PERSON by the deadlines below.

Please note that Controlled Assessment/Coursework modules cannot be remarked.


Priority Remarks (Y13):                             24 August (10am)

Priority Photocopies (Y12/13)                    24 August (10am)

Priority Photocopies (Y11)                         30 August (Noon)

Ordinary Remarks (all years)                    18 September

Please do not hand forms in to the office as deadlines may be missed.


GCSE Post Results Summer 2017

Y12 Post Results Summer 2017

Y13 Post Results Summer 2017


External Examinations Important information:


It is an exam board requirement that all candidates are fully aware of the information contained in the following documents:









If you have any queries about any of the information in these documents please check with the Exams Officer or subject teachers.



Y11 Mock Exams           Wednesday 4th to Tuesday 17 January

Y13 Mock Exams           Monday 20th to Friday 24th February

Y12 Exam Week            Monday 12th to Friday 16th June


TIMETABLES 2016 – 2017

Personal timetables will be available on Pupil Portal.  These will show any timetable changes due to ‘Clashes’ and exam venues.  These are the ones to follow!

Y12 Mock Timetable

Y13 Mock Timetable










 RESITS 2017

Deadline for AS & A2 Resits is Monday 12 December 2016.






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