Huw Thomas secures 2nd year of engineering scholarship

Congratulations to Huw Thomas (Hampden 13), who has successfully progressed to Year 2 of the prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. These scholarships are available to students who aspire to a career in engineering or a related profession, such as architecture or modern design. Successful applicants are given a small bursary and a company sponsor over the course of their A-levels; Huw can now apply for an ‘Accredited Engineering Degree’ scholarship at any university through the Arkwright Trust,

Head of Design Technology Mr Twissell praised Huw for his achievements and hard work: ‘Huw has shown an enormous amount of enthusiasm for engineering.  He designed a novel electronics product for his GCSE in Design and Technology.  His passion for design and manufacture has continued during his A Level studies and has been reflected in both his involvement in the Engineering Education Scheme and in the development of an electronics based EPQ project.

The successful transfer to the second year of the Arkwright Scholarship is another reflection of Huw’s dedication to engineering and confirmation of his ability and enthusiasm for engaging with technical problem solving activities.  I wish Huw every success in his undergraduate studies and in his future career as an engineer.’