Year 7 Induction

Welcome to the Year 7 area of the website

Starting a new school can be exciting and daunting for both students and parents. We want to welcome you as a new member of our community here at AGS. From September 2017, your son’s Head of Year will be Miss Hill. and a list of our Year 7 Tutors is below;

7Hampden Mr Sloan

7Lee Mr Jones

7Paterson Dr Twissell

7Ridley Mrs Smith

7Denson Mr Gardiner

7Phillips Mr Warner

Please do email them as a first point of contact if you have any concerns you would like to discuss whilst you son is in his first Year at AGS.

Here at AGS there is a lot of support available to your son when he starts in September, part of our support system are the Year 8 Buddies, who your son will have met during his recent Induction day. In September, your son will be allocated a Buddy and will have sessions with them each week, for the first half term. This allows plenty of discussion time for new students to ask questions or voice any concerns but also for advice to be passed on.

During Induction day, your son has been issued a ‘Year 7 Welcome Booklet’ containing information for them to read over the summer break. Should they have misplaced the booklet during all of the excitement on Induction day, please see the pdf. version below;

Student Welcome Booklet 2017-2018

Dates for the Diary

TRANSITION DAY – Wednesday 6th September 2017

YEAR 7 TEAM BUILDING DAY – Monday 25th September 2017

YEAR 7 PARENTS INFORMATION & PTA EVENING – Wednesday 4th October 2017

YEAR 7 TUTOR/PARENT MEETING – Monday 9th October 2017

Absence Information

To report an absence due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, please contact the school office (01296 484545) on each day of the absence. Please include details of your son’s name, form and the reason for absence in your message.

If you are requesting an absence for a future date E.g. a Doctors or Dentist appointment please compete the ‘Absence Request Form’ prior to the absence.

Absence Request Form