Office 365 Email for Staff and Students http://mail.ags.bucks.sch.uk

iSAMS https://isams.ags.bucks.sch.uk

Room Booking for Staff https://book.ags.bucks.sch.uk

Student Concern Form http://tinyurl.com/agsconcernform

Student Portal https://pupils.ags.bucks.sch.uk

Google Classroom https://classroom.google.com

Google Drive https://drive.google.com

OneDrive https://aylesburygrammar-my.sharepoint.com

Sharepoint https://aylesburygrammar.sharepoint.com

Clickview https://www.clickview.co.uk

Moodle https://moodle.agscs.org


Note to students:

Your Office 365/Google Apps username is your school email address, which is your AGS computer logon username@ags.bucks.sch.uk

Your password is your AGS computer logon password. 

If your password is not working, please log in to a school computer, change your password and try logging in again after 10 minutes.  Please note – you can only change your password whilst in school.

Any problems, please come to the ICT office to the right of IT3.