Olympic handball captain leads coaching session

handball1AGS was extremely fortunate to be visited by Bobby White, Olympian and Captain of Team GB’s 2012 Handball Team, who led a coaching session for AGS players.

Bobby ran 30 of our current U15 and U16 players through an hour long session and was impressed by the overall skills, levels of knowledge and understanding of the group (the session included a memorable display of Bobby’s goalkeeping skills against the best of what our boys were able to throw at him).

He then talked to the group about some of his experiences at London 2012 and his own playing career. Highlights included; his move from being a semi-professional football goalkeeper to being a Handball goalie after signing up and being selected for the “Sporting Giants” scheme in the build-up to the 2012 games, the chance to rub shoulders with some of the world’s greatest athletes in the Olympic Village and his pride in leading out Team GB at the Copper Bowl during the London 2012 games.

Now in its 4th year at AGS, Handball is an ever increasingly popular school sport, in which teams have competed at national and county school championship levels and in Elliott James, Brendan Lowe and Ben Howard, AGS boys has been represented at England Schools level in overseas competition.

Bobby’s visit on 12th November was part of the ‘Box that Rocks’ initiative, England Handball Association’s drive to increase the profile of Handball in English Schools

AGS would like to thank Bobby for his time and efforts in coming to visit the school and for Bucks Sport and Mr McGill for arranging the visit.