Professor William (Bill) Mead

Monday 21st July

Message from the Head Master

I received the very sad news yesterday, from both Gillian Miscampbell and Keith (KD) Smith that Professor Bill Mead, AGS’ oldest old boy, died at Stoke Mandeville hospital yesterday afternoon.

Bill had been rather unwell for some time following a stroke a few years ago but was still very mentally active and as physically active as he could be. Keith Smith and others have been in regular contact with this great man who was a bastion of AGS.

Bill, who would be 99 this July, was a student at AGS in the 1920s, a long standing foundation trustee and governor as well as Chairman of Governors and Chairman of the AGS Foundation for many years.

Bill was also Emeritus Professor of Geography at UCL and you will find more interesting details here and on this fascinating video recording of an interview with him here

Bill is the author of many publications, mainly academic and focussed on his love of Finland, but most important to us are his memoirs Aylesbury: A personal memoir from the 1920s and his History of Aylesbury Grammar School, 1598-1998.  I personally have very fond memories of sitting with Bill in Foundation meetings in my early days as Head, listening to his descriptions and memories of AGS, but most especially seeing him at nearly every AGS service of lessons and carols which he thoroughly enjoyed.

There are no funeral details available as yet but I shall forward any information I receive as I know that many of you will wish to attend if you are able.  I am sure that a full and proper obituary will also be produced at an appropriate time and we shall ensure that it is reproduced for the Aylesburian and alumni publications as soon as it is available.

Stephen Lehec

Head Master