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In the 2017/18 year Aylesbury Grammar School received £42,056 of Pupil Premium funding overall. For the 2018/19 year this figure will rise to approximately £46,104 based on latest school census data and historically comprises approximately 4% of the school’s total student body. This percentage is changeable and the school manages any in-year amendments on a bespoke basis as and when they occur. This statement outlines the framework for use for the transparent and effective management and tracking of Pupil Premium funding within the school. This will ensure that the Pupil Premium funding allocated to us has the planned impact on any attainment gaps between our students who qualify for Pupil Premium and their peers.

Pupil Premium Grant Summary



Total number of students on roll (January census Year 7 to Year 11) 992 920
Total number of Pupil Premium students 60 66
Total number of Child Looked After students 0 0
Total number of Post Looked after students 1 1
Total number of Service Children 12 7
Total Pupil Premium Grant £42,056 Circa £46,104

Please note the Pupil Premium is allocated to schools on a financial year basis (April to March). However the school is required to publish the information on an academic year basis (September to August).

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011. It was allocated to children from low-income families who were known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM), and children who had been looked after continuously for more than six months away from or in place of their biological parents. A smaller premium was also introduced for children whose parents are currently serving in the Armed Forces, designed in that instance to address and support the emotional and social challenges inherent with Service life well-being of these students.

In 2012/13 eligibility for the Pupil Premium was extended to students who have been eligible for FSM at any point in the last six years (known as the Ever6 measure).

Schools decide upon and are free to spend the Pupil Premium funding as they see fit (currently £935 per student, per annum and £300 per student, per annum for Service children) and are held accountable for how this additional funding is deployed to maximise the educational and emotional support of qualifying students.

At Aylesbury Grammar School every member of teaching staff is made aware of the students who are eligible for additional funding as are the parents and students themselves. Currently with a relatively small proportion of students on roll who receive or who are eligible for additional funding we are able to provide bespoke support for the individual as a matter of course in addition to exploring ways in which appropriate groups can also benefit.

What we believe in At Aylesbury Grammar School
We believe in narrowing the educational attainment gap: As a school in receipt of Pupil Premium funding we are accountable to our students, parents, Governors and the wider school community for how we are using this additional resource to narrow any achievement gaps of our students. New Pupil Premium measures have been included in the RAISEonline performance tables published annually on a national level. In making decisions on the use of the Pupil Premium we will:

• Ensure that Pupil Premium funding allocated to our school is used solely for its intended purpose.
• Identify early intervention using baseline testing, information from transition and internal early warnings procedures.
• Use high quality teaching and learning as the preferred method to narrow any gaps in attainment in the first instance.
• Use the latest evidence based research to inform the most appropriate use of Pupil Premium funding in reducing any attainment gaps. (e.g. The Sutton Trust and Ofsted analysis reports)
• Use timely intervention methods including individual mentoring where necessary from experienced staff.
• Regularly communicate with parents to ensure they are fully aware of support strategies that can be implemented at home.
• Be transparent in our reporting of how we have used the Pupil Premium, so parents, interested stakeholders and Ofsted are fully aware of how this additional resource has been used to make a difference.
• Ensure there is robust monitoring and evaluation in place to account for the use of the Pupil Premium, by the school and governing body.
• Encourage take up of FSM by working proactively with our students, parents and carers in a sensitive and supportive manner.
• Regularly communicate with staff regarding those students who are eligible for additional funding and invite departmental suggestions for targeted use of it across the current curriculum.
• Regularly communicate with students who receive Pupil Premium funding and their parents to explore innovative and focused use of the funding.

Pupil Premium Champion
From 2015 onwards, through additional funding initially provided by the Buckinghamshire Learning Trust (BLT) we have extended the appointment of a member of the teaching staff to the position of Pupil Premium Champion. This dedicated role provides a constant point of contact with regards to Pupil Premium provision and priorities throughout the school overseen by a dedicated member of the SLT. Consequently the Pupil Premium Champion is able to work closely with staff, students and parents/carers on a daily basis to identify attainment/achievement and instigate the strategies, actions and interventions as shown by the examples listed below.

We would always encourage parents to contact, Mrs Harris, Pupil Premium, (kharris@ags.bucks.sch.uk) if financial issues are preventing their son from accessing opportunities in the school. All enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. Over the years we have been able to help with school uniform, transport, equipment and school trips and visits. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Harris if you would like to have an informal and entirely confidential discussion about the ways the school can provide support.

Pupil Premium Grant Actual Expenditure 2017-2018

Expenditure Item

Actual Cost


Pastoral Support
One to one pastoral support available to all students.
Students are able to access support and guidance which will impact on areas such as building self-confidence and emotional wellbeing.
Academic Mentoring
Designated member of staff allocated to each PP to track their progress and ensure they meet their target grades.
All students have the opportunity to regularly discuss their progress with a designated mentor. Where necessary, tailored interventions can be discussed, implemented and evaluated.
Additional Tuition
Additional support offered in all subjects where intervention is required to achieve targets. Focused opportunities to maximise potential in Year 11.
All students reach their targets
SEN Support SEN Teaching Assistants approx. £35,000
Careers Advice £13,000 Enhancement of careers advice and careers education provision.
Before/after school facilities Library open after school Opportunity for study, research and homework completion.
Curriculum trips and activities
All trips part or fully funded by Pupil Premium grant.
£3,550 Promote inclusion and opportunity.
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Enrolment on the DofE Award; Bronze, Silver, Gold.
Promote inclusion and opportunity.
Home to School Transport
As a Grammar School there is a large catchment area so home to school transport can be a significant issue.
£2,550 Promote inclusion and opportunity.
Music Lessons
Tuition is available for a wide range of instruments.
£350 Aim to increase the number of PP music students and encourage participation in school events.
Other support
Assistance available to cover the cost of textbooks, revision guides, exam fees, enrichment materials, uniform and PE kit.
£4,750 Promote inclusion and opportunity for all.

Pupil Premium Grant Anticipated Expenditure
2018/2019 Pupil Premium: Funding Priorities In the 2018/19 academic year the £46,104 Pupil Premium finding focuses on the following strategies, actions and intervention examples:

• Support in GCSE English and GCSE English Literature focusing on supporting and challenging Pupil Premium students.
• Support in GCSE Mathematics focusing on supporting and challenging Pupil Premium students.
• Support in GCSE Sciences focusing on supporting and challenging Pupil Premium students.
• Developing opportunities in GCSE languages lessons, specifically increasing time spent working with MFL department speaking assistants.
• Increased provision of opportunities for Pupil Premium students to participate in activities relating to Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education as illustrated by the current Extra-curricular programme. e.g. Individual music instrumental tuition, sports coaching and other academic pursuits beyond the classroom.
• Increased provision of opportunities for Pupil Premium students to participate in curriculum visits, excursions and field-work to support and supplement their specific academic studies in a range of subject areas.
• Developing opportunities for Pupil Premium students to participate in a range of activities and workshops conducted by external agencies e.g. Anti-bullying ambassadors programme, Elevate study skills/revision seminars, Duke of Edinburgh Award.
• Provision of 1-to-1 and small group coaching in core subjects.
• Provision of portable IT equipment specifically to support the learning of Pupil Premium students both within school and at home.
• Provision of printed and online subscription resources to support academic studies across the curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4.

Impact of Pupil Premium expenditure as measured by 2018 results
Our Progress 8 score for 2018 is 0.91 and our Progress 8 score for our Pupil Premium students is 1.38. This data clearly highlights that the provision we put in place last year to diminish the difference between our disadvantaged students and other students at GCSE has had a significant impact. In particular we feel that the small group tuition sessions provided by departments to support revision and consolidate knowledge has contributed to better outcomes. Commitment to supporting extra-curricular activities and school visits has also had a positive impact across the board.

Aylesbury Grammar School



EBacc Slot

Pupil Premium 0.62 1.49 1.94
Whole School 0.57 0.84 1.36