New Science Centre


In September 2016 the School was delighted to be able to share the fantastic news that in less than 12 months the fundraising target for the Inspiring Science Campaign was met. Thanks to a number of successful bids to local and national Trusts and Grants, to Rectory Homes, and to AGS families, alumni and friends, that a total of £500,000 in gifts and pledges was received. Thank you.

Since 2010, a main part of our School development effort has been focused on improving our Science facilities principally as the number, size and condition of the existing Science laboratories did not provide a learning environment which is fit for purpose, especially given our School’s reputation for learning in Science. Prior to starting these improvements the school managed with 1950s and 1970s vintage facilities and they continued to achieve excellent outcomes, thanks to the attitude of the staff and students, but this was in spite of our facilities and certainly not because of them.

The transformation of the 13 vintage, disparate science laboratories into 15 modern laboratories fully equipped to provide inspiring learning and teaching spaces was the most significant refurbishment project the school has undertaken in modern times. In total £2.3 million was raised over six years which was broken down into seven distinct phases.  The conclusion of the Inspiring Science Campaign means this transforming project is now complete.

Not only have the old laboratories been completely refurbished but a new Biology building has been built and fitted, the roof on the current Science building has been replaced and new Preparation Rooms, Staff areas and our Lecture Theatre have been created.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who supported the essential transformation of this area of the School.