The Aylesburian Annual Fund

What is The Aylesburian Annual Fund?  The Fund helps to finance the short-term needs of the School, enables us to make improvements, and to provide opportunities for our students, that are not possible from the School’s current income. It gives the entire AGS community the opportunity to support the School.

Why do we need to ask for support? As a state academy school in Buckinghamshire, our financial situation is challenging. Costs continue to increase and in real terms, our actual funding per student has been decreasing.  This year our funding amounts to an average of £4,451 per student. It’s only just sufficient to meet our basic operating costs and absolutely nothing further.

We are still in the bottom 20 lowest funded Schools in the country.

The positive impact of fundraising Without support from our community, we would not have any of our recently developed facilities including our Science Centre, our Sixth Form Centre and our Library, in addition to smaller scale refurbishment projects including the Foundation Hall, the Fitness Suite, the ‘Old’ Gym and two IT rooms. Our students benefit daily from our improved facilities.

Our focus this year is on the much needed refurbishment of our Maths classrooms and a further IT room. The Fund continues to support our Hardship Fund which helps financially disadvantaged boys to benefit from opportunities at AGS they normally would not have access to.

Our culture of giving Some schools aggressively ask their parents to support them but we are keen to work in partnership with our community and to clearly explain why we need to ask. This doesn’t mean that every family has to donate to the School – we know that’s not always possible. Any contribution is voluntary and any donation, at any value, will make a difference.

All the money raised is used to improve the AGS experience for every boy regardless.

AGS is a registered charity and so Gift Aid makes a tremendous difference to the impact of any donation. For every £1 you donate, the School receives an additional 25p at no cost to you.  Click Here for more information. For example, a monthly donation of £10 a month would result in a total donation of £1050 over 7 years. With nearly 900 families in our School imagine the work we could do if every family were able to give £10 a month?

Any regular or one off donation, large or small, will make a difference.

Ways to donate

It is quick and simple to set up a regular donation.

Giving by Post

The best way is by completing the Donation Form (below) and returning it to the Development Office.

The Aylesburian Annual Fund and Donation Form.

Please return to Alison Cox, Development Director, Aylesbury Grammar School, Walton Road, Aylesbury, Bucks.  HP21 7RP.  ‘Boy’ post does work too!

Giving Online

Please visit our alumni site to set up a standing order or to make a one off donation. You can do this by clicking on the Donate Now button and signing in as a Guest (if you are not a registered Old Aylesburian). Please remember to complete the Gift Aid Declaration at the same time.

Please let  know when you have done this as funds come to us anonymously through this method and we want to thank you.

Giving over the phone

To set up a monthly Direct Debit gift over the phone, please contact Alison or Nikki in the Development Office on 01296 480276 or 01296 480277.

Thank you for your support.  We look forward to reporting our progress over the coming months.