The Quick and Easy Step-By-Step AGS Raffle Guide

Good news. If you haven’t bought any AGS Xmas Raffle tickets yet then you still have time. You can win some AMAZING PRIZES and help support your son. Simply follow our Quick and Easy Step-By-Step AGS Raffle Guide.

The Quick and Easy Step-By-Step AGS Raffle Guide.

  1. Dig the Xmas Raffle tickets out of your son’s bag, they’ve been there for the last three weeks. Or you can get some more from the school office.
  2. Fill in the raffle tickets with your name and contact details.
  3. Get your son to hand them in to the school office.
  4. Discover that your son has forgotten to hand them in so repeat step 3 until the 7th of December.
  5. Hand them in yourself.

The money the PTA raises from the Xmas Raffle is vital.  So, if your son has used a computer at school, takes part in a sport, has used the sports changing rooms, has played or composed in the music rooms, is on the tech team, is into drama, or has taken maths, science, languages, classics or geography then they will have benefited from PTA funding.  So please help us by buying as many tickets as you can.  Buy one, buy ten, buy fifteen, it really doesn’t matter but please buy some.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful support and generosity.