Why support AGS

Aylesbury Grammar School is over four hundred years old and whilst we are rightly proud of our history and our tradition of excellence, we also know we must look to the future.

Our vision is to build a school with facilities to support exceptional learning, a school to help our students ready themselves to face the demands of the 21st century, and to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

In order to do this, we realise that we face significant financial challenges.  The school has occupied its current site for over a century and has some rapidly deteriorating learning and teaching spaces.  Many are not fit for learning in the modern world.  This is where you come in.

Why Do We Need to Fundraise?

Since becoming an academy our annual operating costs are funded through central government. In recent years, our annual allocation per student has been decreasing in real terms.  Public funding just about covers our basic operating costs through effective and efficient financial management.

We are still in the bottom twenty lowest funded schools in the country.

This means that if we want to invest in our buildings and technology, or to continue to enrich the curriculum, we have to look for additional outside sources to help, either in grants or individual gifts.

Fundraising enables us to make improvements to our School, and provide opportunities for our students, that would not be possible otherwise.


The School doesn’t rest on its laurels and accept the status–quo. We have been fundraising tirelessly over recent years to refurbish and extend particularly run down parts of the School.

  • We have successfully raised £2.3 million in the last 7 years to fund a complete refurbishment of our vintage Science facilities. Funded by a wide range of initiatives and donations including two capital campaigns, parental, alumni and our first major corporate donation and significant support from local and national trusts and grants.
  • We have relocated our Library from the Sixth Form area into a central position within the School. Now located in the Headmaster’s quad, the new library is at the heart of the School providing a reading, study and learning space for the whole school.  It is a fantastic new space for learning that was entirely funded by a legacy left to the AGS Foundation by Professor William Mead. The Professor was an Old Aylesburian, former Foundation Governor, former Chairman of Governors and a wonderful friend to the School, as well as Emeritus Professor of Geography at University College London.
  • We have refurbished and remodelled our Sixth Form Centre. The facility provides a university- style environment for our senior students with The Common Room and patio area as a social space, a study room for up to 40 students downstairs and a Learning Centre upstairs for 140 students. It is an inspiring new Centre that was mainly funded by a grant following a successful bid to the Capital Improvement Fund.

The Future

There is still a vast amount to do. Our focus for fundraising this academic year is through the Aylesburian Annual Fund which is raising funds for the refurbishment of our IT facilities and it also supports our important Hardship Fund.

The Aylesburian Annual Fund

Thank you

We are so grateful to everyone who makes gifts to our School.  Every contribution makes a real difference to the lives of our AGS boys. Our pledge is to keep you informed and up-to-date as to how your money directly benefits AGS students.

Proud of our past – committed to our future