Year 11 and 13 Book Collection Day

Year 11 and 13 Book Collection Day:

Due to the Maths exam on 24th June it will require different schedules for Year 11 returning books. To allow this to work for all we require students to be split into two groups for their Alis testing (this testing is used for additional data by staff and is not an exam that can be revised for). This split will be done by Maths set with one half of the year being Sets 1-3 and the other half of the year in the remaining sets 4-8. Students should be aware of which Maths set they are in  but it will also be on their timetables.

From 10.15-11.15am those not taking the exam (that is sets 4-8) will sit their Alis test in three computer rooms (M2-4) so they need to report to these rooms by 10.10am

At 11.20am there will be an important talk in the LT for the WHOLE of Year 11 for an hour (max) (this will be after the exam including extra time and after the Alis testing)

From 12.30-1.35pm those students in Maths sets 1-3 will then do their Alis testing in the computer rooms (M2-4) so must report there directly

Year 11 books may be returned from 9.30 – 11.15am in the Hall (if students are not elsewhere) and then after 12.20pm (if not elsewhere). We would expect all books to have been returned by 2.30pm (books may not be returned before 9.30am)

Year 13s should try to return their books between 11.15 and 12.30pm to avoid the crowds, they too should return all books before 2.30pm

Should any Year 11 not be able to attend this day then they must follow the instructions previously given to return books directly to the Heads of Departments (so they can be ticked off lists) or the Library (in the case of Maths books only). They must also email Miss Treherne for details on the instructions. They will need to do the testing on the first day of school in September.