Year 6 Summer Sports Camps

Please click on the links below for the details of the Summer Sports Camps. The first shows details of groups (groups are 1 to 5). Boys will remain in the groups for the morning sessions before splitting into teams for the afternoon tournaments. The other 3 documents inform you of the activities that each group will participate in over the 3 days. The boys will probably be keen to know what they are doing each day and they may have their own equipment that they would like to bring in on specific days (e.g. tennis racket) although this is not necessary as AGS will provide all of the equipment. In terms of footwear, trainers will be fine for all activities, the only exception would be in case of poor weather football boots may be suitable for some of the outdoor activities. In addition, boys will need a hat, sun cream, a packed lunch, some healthy snacks and plenty of water (there will be a place where they can fill their bottles up throughout the day). Please can all parents/carers sign their son in and out each day, this will take place at the sports hall. When dropping boys off please come in through the main entrance and follow the road through the car park until you reach the school field, there will be AGS staff present to direct you. We will also ask you to collect your son from the sports hall at the end of the day.

I know that both myself and the other AGS staff involved in the camp are thoroughly looking forward to 3 days of sporting activity with the new pupils and please do keep your fingers crossed for great weather!

Mr Roone