Character Education – IBSC Regional Conference 21-23 January 2020

We are hosting a two day Character Education Conference for school leaders and staff on 22 and 23 January 2020 at Aylesbury Grammar School and Dr Challoner’s Grammar School as part of our collaborative and ‘extend’ strategy. This fully booked event brings together researchers and educators in the International Boys’ School Coalition network from around the world.  These include:

  • Keynote speaker and workshops from the international centre for education, CIRCLE, whose landmark research on Character Education was published in 2018 involving 48 schools globally.
  • Short presentations from Simon Winman, former Senior Executive at England Rugby, on Building Good Men, Emma Judge, co-founder of, which brings the skills of emotional resilience to young people and those that educate them, and a closing keynote by Gary Lewis, Chair of the Executive Team of the Association of Character Education.
  • Workshops offering tools for pedagogy, character apprenticeship and measuring character education
  • Case studies from neighbouring schools

Dr Cummins, from Sydney, Australia, is, in his own words, an educator by trade and conviction. Over the past three decades, he’s been teaching, thinking, writing, speaking, and leading in schools and tertiary institutions all over the world.

He has formed a view that character is the reason why we do “school”; it’s the whole work of a school. He believes we can do this by building cultures of excellence in leadership and learning through communities of inquiry and practice that are dedicated to improved outcomes for more learners.