‘The house system is a fundamental feature of School life. It helps to create that sense of community which makes the School such a secure and happy place’ 

Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review, November 2018

The House System

The House System is part of the DNA of Aylesbury Grammar School. Its success ensures a real sense of community within the School. Ensuring every student is known, cared for and has the ability to develop their own unique character. 

Each House is formed from a group of students ranging from Year 7 to Year 13. Each student joining the School is allocated to a House and this creates the tutor group that they will be a part of for their time at Aylesbury Grammar School.

Each House is cared for by the Head of House, Head Boy and Deputy Head Boys of House.

The House system is bespoke to Aylesbury Grammar School and delivers a sense of camaraderie, competition and importantly provides opportunities for staff & peer support and mentoring.

Each year, the Houses compete for the Watson Trophy; a series of artist and creative events, and the Brodie Trophy; a series of sporting events. All competitions encompass every student, providing opportunities to compete, flourish, try something new and have a real sense of belonging within the School. 

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