House Football 2020

Last week we were able to finish the Key Stage Three (Years 7-9) part of the House Football competition. This year, due to year group bubbles, some changes have been made to the event – with the years fielding an A, B and C team so all members of Years 7-9 could participate with each year group bubble forming their own part of the competition. The results from this stage are:

Year 7 House Football:
1st – Paterson (13pts)
2nd – Hampden (12pts)
Joint 3rd – Denson, Lee and Ridley (10pts)
6th – Phillips (8pts)

Year 8 House Football:
1st – Hampden (16pts)
2nd – Lee (13pts)
Joint 3rd – Paterson and Ridley (11pts)
5th – Denson (7pts)
6th – Phillips (5pts)

Year 9 House Football:
1st – Hampden (16pts)
Joint 2nd – Paterson and Ridley (12pts)
4th – Denson (9pts)
5th – Phillips (8pts)
6th – Lee (6pts)

Current House Football Standings (half-way point):

1st – Hampden (17pts)
2nd – Paterson (14pts)
3rd – Ridley (11pts)
4th – Lee (9pts)
5th – Denson (8pts)
6th – Phillips (4pts)

Thank you to the members of the PE department for arranging the event so far – we look forward to adding these results to the Year 10-13 sections of the competition.