Each year the admission authority for all schools and academies are required to review their admission arrangements. The admission authority must consult on proposed changes to the admission arrangements. The admission authority for Aylesbury Grammar School is its Governing Body.

The Governing Body wish to consult on proposed changes to the School’s admissions policy which would take effect from the beginning of the academic year in 2020.

As a result of initial responses received, there were parts of our Admission Policy which needed to be amended after specialist education solicitor advice. Despite the policy being reviewed by the OSA in 2017, we have amended the policy with the intention of making it much clearer for parents to understand how places are allocated. See amended version below:

 Despite looking different, there have been no major changes to the criteria set out in the policy or their practical effect. However, the School has taken a decision to amend the definition of a ‘sibling’ so that it now also includes the son of the cohabiting partner of the applicant boy’s parent, where they are living at the same address (as defined by the policy) and are being brought up as part of the same core family unit.  The reason for including this is so that the sons of parents who are in committed cohabiting relationships similar to marriage, but have chosen not to marry, do not suffer any disadvantage as a result of exercising their right to make that choice in today’s society. 

Due to the uncertainty and potential increased demand for School places due to new housing, Buckinghamshire County Council has reviewed grammar school catchment areas that serve rural areas of Buckinghamshire.

As a result, the proposed catchment area of Aylesbury Grammar School has been expanded to include parts of mid-Buckinghamshire. The two maps below identify the current (2018) catchment area and the proposed 2020 Catchment Area.


The consultation will run from Friday 19 October 2018 until Friday 30 November 2018

The Governing Body welcomes any comments on the proposed changes. Please send your comments to the school office making clear that they are for the attention of the Chair of Governors. office@ags.bucks.sch.uk 




Admissions Policy September 2017

Admission Policy September 2018

Admissions Policy September 2019

Our admissions appeals are handled, on our behalf, by Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC).  For information and policies relating to appeals, please click below:



For information regarding school catchments please see the BCC Postcode checking facility. Please click below. You will need to enter your child’s date of birth first:


The specific Aylesbury Grammar School Catchment map is available below (Click to enlarge):