Senior Students Flourish – A Level Progress Data Published

On Thursday 23 January the Department for Education released the 2018-2019 data for Value Added at A Level. These figures tell us how much progress students who studied A levels made between the end of key stage 4 and the end of their A level studies, compared to similar students across England. The score is calculated by comparing the A-level results of our students with the A level results of students in schools and colleges across England who started with similar results at the end of the key stage 4 (GCSE).

Aylesbury Grammar School scored +0.36, which equates to just over a third of a grade added value. This is above the national average.

We are humbled that this result places us as the top performing grammar school in Buckinghamshire for A Level value added. A fantastic achievement.

We also top the list of high performing boys’ schools with which we collaborate. This is a self selecting group of the 27 top performing boys’ schools in England. This is an amazing outcome and a remarkable achievement, well done to all the staff and students alike. We are so very proud of each and every one.