BBC Young Reporter 2020

BBC Young Reporter is an opportunity for students nationwide to get involved with the BBC and tell the stories that matter to them.

“BBC Young Reporter is about tapping into what really matters to young people, and giving them an opportunity and a platform to tell their stories.”
-Tony Hall, BBC Director General

This year the headlines are wide ranging – covering everything from a preventative approach to pollution, to a look inwards at life here at Aylesbury Grammar School. Our Young Reporters have covered education, the environment, technology and politics and economics. We even have a weather report! Read on to find out more.

Our Top Stories Today


Some eager science students ask: Should Minecraft Education Edition be used at AGS, or is it just an excuse for pupils to be gaming in class? Emre, Samuel and Gaurav investigate.

Have you ever wondered what our very own Headmaster does day-to-day? Tune in to James and Prithvish’s radio broadcast to discover what’s on Mr Sturgeon’s daily agenda.

This year, House Music had its debut at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. James reports on the impact the change in location had on an AGS calendar favourite. Read his report below:

Teachers continue to be a trending topic! Sebastien researches a day in the life of a teacher. Read his article here:


There’s lots of interest in our world as the next generation think about issues affecting them. Air Pollution is covered with crystal clear clarity by veteran reporters, James and Finlay.

Next up, BBC Young Reporter correspondents Ishaan and Kaushik take on the challenge of how to improve our planet.

And to round out our environmental focus, Mohammad explores Global Warming – what is it and what can students do to help?


This just in: Do children need phones? Arnav and Piers talk us through the issue from their perspective.

A phone that folds up… no, this is not fake news. Yehan and Senesh unfold this story.

And how much do you really know about 5G networks? Dev and Aarib report.

Politics and Economics

Bringing us a new point of view on an age-old question, Arun, Abijith and Hrishik explore whether money really can buy happiness.

Young people having their say is what BBC Young Reporter is all about. James canvassed the AGS campus to find out about the voting intentions of our cohort. Read his report below:


And finally, join our weather correspondent, Daniel, as he takes a look at the forecast for the coming days in Aylesbury and surrounding areas.

Thank you for taking the time to view our news stories. For exclusive behind the scenes access to News Day at AGS, visit @AGSEngDept on Twitter.

The BBC Young Reporter team of 2020