Young Enterprise

Amidst the ‘chaos’ of the last few days of last week, the Young Enterprise companies had the additional challenge of submitting information for their Showcase Final – an event that was due to take place last Tuesday.

The teams all pulled through and worked hard to get the required electronic evidence in to the judges to assist with a remote judging process and overcame some real logistical challenges. They had to submit a company report online, then do a video of what their presentation would have been at the final as well as submit a photo of their trade stands to the judges.

The results of the YE Area Finals:

  • Best Digital Presence – Good Earth AGS
  • Best Student Company report – Mindful AGS
  • Best Trade Stand – Man Down AGS
  • 360 Degree Feedback -runners up Mindful AGS
  • Overall Best Team – Runner Up – Good Earth AGS
  • Overall Best Team – Mindful AGS

This means that Mindful will be heading to the UK Regional Finals later this year (potentially remotely again). The MDs for each team (Harvey Bell Lee 12 – Good Earth, Sam Holcroft Paterson 12 – Man Down, and Brandon Pratt Phillips 12 – Mindful) did an incredible job of leading their teams through this most challenging experience.

Some wonderful news showing how resilient and adaptable the students are.

Congratulations to them all and to Kelly Chalk.