Mr ‘Ironman’ Ramsbottom is supporting Cardiac Risk in the Young

Mr Ramsbottom, Head of Year 13, is doing something amazing for our students and to raise awareness of the incredibly important charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). His aim is to create a CRY hardship screening fund here in School to set up a screening day at AGS in the Autumn.  Mr Ramsbottom is tackling the epic feat of the 141-mile Austrian Ironman consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon (26.22-mile run). 

“The cost to bring CRY into Aylesbury Grammar School for a day, to screen 100 students would be £5000 (£50 per head). My ambition is to raise as much money as possible, to build an AGS CRY screening fund, to be used to provide screening opportunities and also, to support our families who are not in a position to fully fund screening for their sons themselves.  As an ambitious target, we have provisionally booked CRY to come in for two days screening in September this year.”

Mr. Ramsbottom decided to take on a challenge which will test the boundaries of what is possible. He spends a significant amount of time in School supporting our students with problems that seem insurmountable. Sharing with them the message that “nothing is impossible and that with hard work and self-belief, anything can be accomplished. Never let the fear of failure be a reason not to try and achieve something. “

Mr Ramsbottom swimming off the Welsh coast

“I’ve chosen to tackle a physical challenge which without doubt, on first impression, is an insurmountable challenge.  To complete an Ironman, you must swim 2.4 miles, followed by 112 miles on a bike and finished by running a full 26.2 mile marathon (the equivalent of Aylesbury to Manchester).  Not only that, but you must complete the swim in 2 hr 20 mins, the swim and bike in 10 hrs 10 mins, and the swim, bike and run in 17 hrs.  Failure to meet a cut-off or take any longer than 17 hrs to finish and you are disqualified.  At 49 years of age and at least 2 stone overweight, I have an incredible amount to do to give myself any chance of completing this challenge.  Since January, training has started well and currently I’m doing 3 hrs of swimming, 4-5 hrs of cycling and 1-2 hrs of running a week.  My diet has had to be transformed and the weight is slowly coming off.  With 1500m of climbing to do on the bike ride, weight will be crucial.  Although I still cannot begin to comprehend how I will put these three components together, at least I can see signs of progress…”

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